Our Story

When my life was unexpectedly turned upside down, I decided to go after my dreams. Carved out of a passion for design and my love for my pup, Remy, my online boutique, Toodles Lane was born.

My brand is for independent women who want beautiful dog clothing that fits with their own sense of style. Modern, unique pieces that outfit pups living the dream. Finally, dog clothing that matches your own.

I want to provide an amazing customer experience that draws you into a world of sustainable materials, to discover new and unique pieces that fit your pup's sense of style and your own. I'm inspired to provide you with high quality clothing that will last and hold up to all the activities you and your pup do together.

My philosophies are your pup deserves to be well dressed and you deserve to be dog-obsessed.

I hope you'll love our original designs, our eco fabrics, and our positive mindset.

xo Lizzy & Remy


"Toodles Lane a doggy-chic new clothing line. Madison Park resident launches fashion business with fall focus to start." - Madison Park Times. Read more.