Our Story

Handcrafted with love in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Welcome to Toodles Lane! I am Elizabeth, an independent creator and Remy is my four legged co-founder. Together, we make adorable outfits for pups who are living the dream! Clothing that your pup loves wearing and you love seeing them in! For staying cozy at home or on the go, we hope our clothing and accessories are there for you as you share in a romping good time! Our apparel is designed with the upmost care. From first dreaming up a unique design to the finalized specialty apparel, no detail is missed. I handpick premium fabric to ensure the materials meet high standards of comfort, function and adorableness. A seamstress in Washington brings the designs to life with her talent and passion for her craft and Remy approves each and every item to make sure his fluffy friends will adore the finished good.

Your purchase matters

My Toodles Lane journey is deeply rooted in a personal, yet all too universal journey that connects women worldwide. I first began working on Toodles Lane when I was in treatment for an aggressive breast cancer. Creativity has always brought me immense joy and staying focused on my dream for Toodles Lane carried me through treatment. As a breast cancer survivor, I am dedicated to making an impact on this global disease that affects one out of every eight women. A portion of proceeds goes to organizations dedicated to ending breast cancer.

Carrying on Toodles dream

The company's name, Toodles Lane is a dedication to my late beloved King Charles Spaniel, Flora aka Toodles. Flora and I used to take walks along a quaint walkway by the water where we could take in views of the Puget Sound. Flora always believed dogs should lead the way - to spread the values of love and kindness out into the world. Thus, Remy and I are carrying on her desire for building and uniting a community of pups based on the admirable qualities of dogs. A community united not just by a love for dogs, but by the belief that dogs can bring about a better world with a canine's perspective on life.
Thank you for helping keep Toodles dream alive by uniting and spreading love as well as for supporting our mission to make an impact on ending the global epidemic of breast cancer.

Team D.O.G.! 

Elizabeth & Remy


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